The daughter of musicians, Ms. Bach was marketing for the band by age eleven, writing poetry at eight and songs to guitar at fourteen. Her publishing history includes: Montana Magazine, CountryWeekly, The Magazine of Country Music, The Direct Buzz, Music News Nashville, The 2nd Annual Northwoods Anthology; a fiction novel Pathos In My Pocket; novel based on a true story Jekyll & Hide Me Not; children's fiction book Abundant Christmas (won the Pinnacle Award in the children's category Spring 2010); Ghostwriter novel 2010; eBook I Believe. The Plumb Line Movement; eBook of Poetry & Songs 2012 coauthored with her daughter; eBook romance novella Worth The Wait; and numerous other writing and songs co-written in Nashville. Ms. Bach thanks her mama for the rich heritage of music. Search Amazon to find all of her works including a Bible Study and an Essay Trilogy. 
Ms. Bach raised a son and a daughter as a single mom.

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Sherry likes to boogie board to unwind:

My Mama playing bass
Mama playing bass at Lone Star Ranch
Reed's Ferry NH
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"Praying Through Proverbs"  is Ms. Bach's latest writing. Link Below.
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Latest Interview - Interviewed by Marc Bernier in Daytona Beach, FL  July, 2011

Me on 1st episode of 2nd season of the TV show "Nashville" on ABC
3 Cuts this year. 1 song on a country CD - Ryan Oetken and 2 songs on Christian Artist Nathan Shore's CD "Shine Your Lights."