Montana Magazine:
    November/December 1999
          Short Story
Second Annual Northwoods Anthology 2005:
     ISBN 0-89002-377-8
          "The writers featured are not big name writers.  For the most part, they're a bit better."   Robert W. Olmsted, Editor

Sherry's favorite place to buy books:
First Novel (fiction):
    Pathos In My Pocket, Your Truth Or Mine?
Second Novel based on a true story:  Jekyll & Hide Me Not
            eBook on Amazon 

First children's book (fiction):
Pinnacle Award winner for Spring 2010
     Abundant Christmas - eBook on Amazon
     View book trailer here:

Music News Nashville:  September 09
    Interview of Blues Guitarist John D'Amato
    (published under psuedonym Montana Williams)
WGRC (PA) Live Radio Interview - September 19, 2008
     Show: The Matter At Hand
To purchase Ms. Bach's books go to: and search sherry bach. Worth The Wait, a romance novella is Ms. Bach's latest work.
Sherry's latest (January 2011) published articles (see links below)
(page 23) - Interview of important woman in Nashville involved with music-Lisa Harless  (page 16) - Review of Taylor's newest CD Speak Now