Pathos In My Pocket Summary:
    With their friendship as a constant, Amanda, an outspoken atheistic psychologist, and Trisha, a fabulous painter, try to fill the aching void in their lives.  Trisha is tempted by the occult; Amanda is a victim of blackmail and thrust into political friction after she discovers her sense of purpose, which includes working to enact new laws for mandatory government-driven parenting classes with harsh penalities for non-compliance.  This thought-provoking situation causes a spiritual awakening in Trisha and challenges Amanda's absolute truths and atheism, but will it be in time to save her soul?
Jekyll & Hide Me Not Summary:
     Alexis had never heard of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, nor was she educated enough to recognize the signs of mental illness when she thought she had fallen in love with Kurt, who quickly moved their relationship toward marriage after a few months of dating.  Five months after the wedding, Alexis discovered why the experts say to date someone for a couple years before marrying them and why Kurt would never be able to really love her as the world she knew turned into a four year nightmare of rage attacks, humiliation, verbal abuse, sexual perversion, betrayal, ambiguous communications and constant contradictory messages. Nobody believed her when Alexis claimed Kurt’s behavior was bizarre and abnormal because he had made sure no-one saw the real side of who he really was.  A master at manipulation, Kurt dragged Alexis through hell until that day…the day he finally crossed a line. 
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Abundant Christmas - Pinnacle Award Winner Spring 2010
     Callahan was frustrated; all his friends had something they did better than everyone else.  Freddy had ribbons and trophies that he had won in skateboarding competitions.  Jimmy had played the piano since he was three.  Sara had been in ballet since she was two years old and Joey could draw anything you asked him to draw, anything!  Callahan knew he had a God given talent in him somewhere and for whatever reason, at Christmas he felt it.  That was the best explanation he could give his mother when she asked him why he was feeling down.  Do you know what your God given talent is? And if not, do you know how to find out?  The clues are here in Abundant Christmas.  Do you think Callahan will discover what his talent is even if he goes to Santa’s Land?
Montana Magazine Short Story Excerpt:
  "When living in Montana City on the north face of Saddle Mountain, we had two dogs, a beagle named Montana Belle, and a golden retriever mix named CoCo.  When CoCo was a puppy, a foreign object appeared in our yard, as if dropped from Heaven.  This object was a kaleidoscope.
   I was getting ready to have our first baby, so perhaps CoCo was helping us prepare.  We supposed the toy had come from the house up the hill where two young boys often audibly played in their yard.  So my husband walked up the hill and put the toy back in their yard.  The next day, the toy was back, along with a ski mask..."
Second Annual Northwoods Anthology excerpt:
  Death, Where Is Your Victory?
     "I feel you coming
     As if I could almost smell you
     It was a few years back that I became ever so aware of your persistent calling
     Making believe I am not home while you are ringing the doorbell to pick me up for dinner is no use
     You can see through the closed door
     The locked window holds you back no more
     You are there and yet, I know not the time dinner will be served
      Although I know that the food will be the best meal I have ever eaten
      I still long to wait as the hunger grows
      A little while longer to sort out the top from the bottom..."
Nashville - Christmas 2008
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