Three adjectives that describe your strengths as a writer are:
1. Prolific - In my case, I can’t STOP writing.  2. Confident - I know without a doubt that writing is my God given talent and this provides much confidence for me in my writing.​  3. Unique - Because I was raised by a country band (gypsy heathens…lol) in bars, I’ve been around music all my life witnessing audience reactions and being involved in a lot of behind the scenes music stuff, so that gives me a perspective that is different from most people when it comes to songwriting or writing in general.
Without revealing their name, gender, or any physical features, please use two or three sentences to describe one of your best friends:
It meant a lot to me that my best friend invested time in my life and in the lives of my children selflessly, even though we were at opposite ends of the world on our religious beliefs.  I believe it is because of that invested time, which spanned over a six year period, that I became a believer in God after being an atheist for thirty one years.  We’ve been friends now for over twenty years, enjoying an unconditional friendship, helping each other through difficult times in life and remembering to laugh along the way.
Finish the following sentence however you wish:
When it comes to writing, I am…so connected to words, their meanings, and the emotions they invoke, that I would literally shrivel up and die if I could not write.
Please tell us more about yourself:
When I was eight years old, I wrote my first poem for a school assignment in 4th grade. It was about a boy I liked who kept leaving and coming back because of his parent’s divorce. Every time he would leave, it would yank my heart out.   I will never forget the look on Ms. Clark’s face, my 4th grade teacher, after she read my poem.  That was the first time I realized I could invoke emotion in another person because of my writing and I never looked back.  Because I grew up in the music industry, I was around adults most of the time and had no idea what to talk about with kids, and so writing was an out for me because I did not fit in.  Even though I have been writing since I was eight, whether it was poetry, short stories, plays, songs to guitar, novels, advertisements, brochures, bond documents, position descriptions, or intricate letters to physicians for the CEO of a community owned hospital, I did not recognize that talent until I became a Christian in 1994. Funny how God works sometimes!

I also enjoy songwriting. With a novel you need at least 50,000 words and I tend to get bored easily.  With a song, you can have a finished product in a couple days, sometimes hours, and then move on if you choose to.  Consequently, you will find a song on page 166 in my novel Pathos In My Pocket, that one of the characters is listening to on the radio. I am currently (2013) working on my first romance novella.

Thank you for your time,
Sherry Bach
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