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In the 1970’s, Putney was a quaint small town, rich in maple tree farms, and Clydesdale horses and in itself provided a fertile creative atmosphere for the birth of natural talents. Putney is nestled in the mountains of Vermont and it was here in this town where eight year old Sherry Bach completed a school assignment…her first poem. Ms. Bach reminisces: “I’ll never forget the look on Ms. Clark’s face after she read my poem. It was at that moment that I realized I could invoke emotion in another person because of my writing, and I’ve never looked back.”
Ms. Bach discovered books at a young age and quickly became a veracious reader. Reading and writing were an out for her because she did not fit in with her peers and she had no idea what to do around children her own age, therefore she turned to writing and reading. The daughter of musicians, Ms. Bach was raised by a band, and from day one was immersed in the adult world of music, traveling from gig to gig and attending 24 different schools before graduating high school in Kansas City, Kansas, where her writing was so advanced that the school created a composition class just for her. Ms. Bach was marketing for the band by age eleven, and writing songs to guitar at fourteen. 
Her publishing history includes: Montana Magazine, The 2nd Annual Northwoods Anthology, Country Weekly, The Magazine of Country Music, The Direct Buzz, Music News Nashville; 1st novel 2007 Pathos In My Pocket; 2nd novel 2009 (based on a true story) Jekyll & Hide Me Not; 1st children's book (fiction) 2009 Abundant Christmas; eBooks: I Believe. The Plumbline Movement; Poetry & Songs co-authored with her daughter.  Ms. Bach raised a son and a daughter as a single mom.

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Writing Sample for Sherry Bach
With The New DawnBy Sherry Bach
With the new dawn in spring, and the seeds that have fallen and died in the cold frozen soil, buried under layers of that over which they have no control, I wait.
I wait for the new birth, a new song, the refreshing that comes from the blossoms of brilliant colors falling on the eye of the one who planted.
The one who planted did so in anticipation; anticipation of joy and pleasure while gazing at the beauty of what his eyes will behold.
His eyes will behold the cold frozen ground covered over in layers of substance hiding the seed’s potential, that which lies below.
That which lies below is dead. How can that which is dead produce that which is alive? How can a dead seed transform into brilliant color?
Transformed into brilliant color from brown, gray, dead seeds, the planter does not question the process but witnesses the glory and believes because he sees.
The planter believes because he sees the cold frozen ground transformed time and time again into bright colors of blue, green, pink, purple, yellow and red. 

Writing Sample for Sherry Bach
How Will Massage Therapy Help With Degenerative Disc Disease?
Chronic pain caused by degenerative disc disease is alleviated by pressure and manipulation.
What Is Degenerative Disc Disease
Degenerative Disc Disease weakens the spine by the break down, or degeneration of, the spongy cushions (discs) between the vertebrae which causes the discs to become thinner and less supple restricting movement and causing pain.
Causes of Degenerative Disc Disease
The primary cause of degenerative disc disease is aging; however, repetitive strain injuries can accelerate the onset of degenerative disc disease.
What is my likelihood of developing Degenerative Disc Disease
According to The Chicago Institute Of Neurosurgery’s website 85 percent of the population will show evidence of disc degeneration by the age of fifty. 
How do you stop the pain caused by Degenerative Disc Disease
Unless the muscle contraction cycle is interrupted, relief from the pain of degenerative disc disease is unlikely.  
How does massage therapy facilitate a decrease in pain
Massage therapy is highly successful at decreasing pain by forcing muscles to relax and increasing blood circulation to the muscle. By applying pressure to the muscle and breaking the contraction cycle, pain is more evenly distributed over the area which causes a decrease in pain and relief from the tightness and inflammation caused by muscle contractions.
The sense of touch is the first of the five senses to develop and has profound affects on human health.
Reference: Alternative Cures, Author Bill Gottlieb, Published 2000

ABUNDANT CHRISTMAS - Pinnacle Award Winner Spring 2010Ms. Bach’s first children’s book

Synopsis:Callahan was frustrated; all his friends had something they did better than everyone else.  Freddy had ribbons and trophies that he had won in skateboarding competitions.  Jimmy had played the piano since he was three.  Sara had been in ballet since she was two years old and Joey could draw anything you asked him to draw.  Anything!  Callahan knew he had a God given talent in him somewhere and for whatever reason, at Christmas he felt it.  That was the best explanation he could give his mother when she asked him why he was feeling down.  Do you know what your God given talent is? And if not, do you know how to find out?  Will Callahan discover what his talent is even if he goes to Santa’s Land?  Read Abundant Christmas and find out.
Abundant Christmas is fiction geared toward children ages 8-12 and explores finding a child's natural talent on their level in a Christmas story way and can be ordered at, and  Several reader reviews are online.Testimonials:Barnes & Noble WebsiteAbundant Christmas by Sherry Bach  -  Posted January 16, 2010, 11:57 AM EST: I gifted 5 copies of this wonderful book to friends and family this past Christmas. Each and every recipient was thrilled with the writing quality, content and message. With the lack of positive-message material presented to our children these days - it is a breath of fresh air as an enjoyable read. More importantly, it presents the reader with tools and observations that promote self esteem and positive self-image. You'll love this book ! 

JEKYLL AND HIDE ME NOT​ based on a true story by Sherry Bach

Synopsis:Alexis had never heard of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, nor was she educated enough to recognize the signs of mental illness when she thought she had fallen in love with Kurt, who quickly moved their relationship toward marriage after a few months of dating.  Five months after the wedding, Alexis discovered why the experts say to date someone for a couple years before marrying them and why Kurt would never be able to really love her as the world she knew turned into a four year nightmare of rage attacks, humiliation, verbal abuse, sexual perversion, betrayal, ambiguous communications and constant contradictory messages. Nobody believed her when Alexis claimed Kurt’s behavior was bizarre and abnormal because he had made sure no-one saw the real side of who he really was.  A master at manipulation, Kurt dragged Alexis through hell until that day…the day he finally crossed a line. 
Jekyll And Hide Me Not is a novel based on a true story. Jekyll can be ordered at, and  Several reader reviews are online.
Testimonials:Barnes & Noble WebsiteJekyll And Hide Me Not  by Sherry Bach  -  Posted January 21, 2010: Wow! I hope that every woman who has ever been in a bad relationship reads this book. In reading this I now notice a lot of the signs I missed and pray that others pick up on it before it is too late. What a drama. 

PATHOS IN MY POCKET​ fiction novel by Sherry Bach

Synopsis:With their friendship as a constant, Amanda, an obnoxious atheistic psychologist and Trisha, a fabulous painter, subconsciously pursue the aching void in their lives.  Trisha will be tempted to participate in the occult; Amanda will be a victim of bribery and thrust into political friction after the discovery of her sense of purpose, which includes enacting new laws for mandatory government driven classes with harsh penalties for non-compliance.  This thought-provoking story will cause a spiritual awakening in Trisha, and challenge Amanda’s absolute truths and atheism but will it be in time to save her soul?
Pathos In My Pocket is fiction geared toward a female audience, although several men have read the book and loved it. Pathos is a celebration of unconditional friendship between two women and can be ordered at, and  Several reader reviews are online.
Testimonials:Barnes & Noble WebsitePathos In My Pocket by Sherry Bach  -  Posted January 14, 2010: January 14, 2010: This book was a fantastic read for me. I truly enjoyed the whole book. I also think the author has a great grasp on life in general.

Reviews for Sherry Bach
Apr 06 REVIEW: Jekyll And Hide Me Not (Sherry Bach)  Published in Uncategorized  by apexrev Jekyll And Hide Me NotSherry BachISBN: 9781615826391PublishAmericaReviewed By Karynda Lewis
Official Apex Reviews Rating:  
When Alexis meets Kurt, it isn’t long before he knocks her off her feet and sweeps her up in a whirlwind romance that she hopes will never end - unfortunately, she may just get her wish...before long, their dream marriage quickly turns into a horrific nightmare filled with rage attacks, betrayal, humiliation, and physical and verbal abuse, none of which Alexis saw coming – but from none of which she seems able to escape. Try as she might to cope, Alexis is soon forced to face the grim reality that her only exit from Kurt’s torment may come at the ultimate price of her life...

Based on a true story, Jekyll And Hide Me Not presents the reader with a startling glimpse into the dark realities of mental illness. Skillfully crafted by author Sherry Bach, Jekyll draws its considerable power from its ability to paint the mentally ill in vivid, realistic fashion, rather than presenting them as over-exaggerated caricatures. In so doing, Bach highlights the importance of remembering that – even though they may commit some of the most heinous acts known to man – the victims of mental illness are still human underneath it all, and thus deserving of our understanding and ultimate forgiveness.
Touching, heartrending, and ultimately encouraging, Jekyll and Hide Me Not is a powerful testament to the common humanity within us all.

Professional Resume:
Sherry Bach

Communicate, coordinate and perform effectively and efficiently within a motivated team, working toward a common goal of success and enjoying what we do.

Professional/Personal Achievements or Highlights:
- As Executive Assistant to the CEO of Regency Healthcare Group: Had 2 months to coordinate conference for executive directors of company which took place at an out of state location. Minutes. Travel arrangements.

- As Executive Assistant to the Executive Director (who answered to the Governor): Montana State Board of Investments (state government)-4 years: Balanced 1 million dollar loan program presenting reports at monthly board meetings. Produced two international conferences from beginning to end regarding the investing of America’s retirement monies by public entities (9 month process), including all travel arrangements and meals for speakers and 150 attendees and on-site managing during conference. Coordinated monthly board meetings for a 9-member state government board, who were all appointed by the Governor. Coordinated Executive Director’s schedule. Maintained data bases. Typed and edited all documents/correspondence for 26- member staff, including public bond documents and loan documents. Supervised clerical staff.

- As New Accounts/Teller at First Security Bank: Instituted a smoking policy before it was cool to do so.

- As Executive Assistant to the CEO/President for a not-for-profit community owned hospital in Florida: Assisted in the transition of acquiring a third hospital into our system. Coordinated all monthly board meetings including monthly financial reports. Maintained data bases. Intricately managed CEO’s daily schedule. Oversee all travel arrangements for board members and family directly or indirectly related to hospital business. Comply with all patient care confidentiality requirements.

- Personally: Published by Montana Magazine, The 2nd Annual Northwoods Anthology, Country Weekly, The Direct Buzz, Music News Nashville,EHow, & Magazine of Country Music; published books: Pathos In My Pocket; Jekyll & Hide Me Not; and Abundant Christmas, and several eBooks; Extra on TV Series "Nashville" and an Ashley Judd movie "The Identical". Google "sherrybach" for more info.

Work History:
2014-2020: Peak Health Solutions, RFP Proposal Manager, Nashville, TN
2013: Grant Writer/Development Assistant/Research Analyst - Nashville, TN
2011-2012:Regency Healthcare Group (Hospice Industry) – Nashville, TN, Executive Assistant to the CEO
2009-2012:Dream Music Studio – Nashville, TN, artist management, co-writing, music production, etc.
2010:Ghostwriter - Autobiographical novel for a client out of Louisiana
2006-2009:Kalin Home Furnishings, Ormond Beach, Florida, Decorator/Sales (laid off 4-09)
1994-2004:Memorial Hospital, Ormond Beach, Florida, Executive Assistant to the CEO
1989-1993:Montana State Board of Investments, Helena Montana, Exec. Asst./Program Asst.
1987-1989:First Security Bank, Helena Montana, New Accounts/Teller
1984-1987:American Federal Savings, Helena Montana, Teller
1981-1983:Holiday Fashions Boutique, Kansas City KS, Manager
1980-1981:Scotty's Dari Barn - Kansas City, KS, Waitress
1979:Restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale Florida – Waitress

High School Diploma: FL Schlagle High, Kansas City KS
Vo-Tech Computer Classes, Helena, Montana
Banking School Continuing Education, Helena, Montana
State Government Mandatory Continuing Education Program, Helena, Montana
Health Care Workers Mandatory Continuing Education (11 yrs), Ormond Beach, Florida

Devise Forms: Excel, Word, Power Point; Office Equipment; Multiple Phones Lines; Customer Service; Advanced Communication Skills (verbal and written); Confidentiality. Has successfully raised two children who as assets to society.